What I got for Christmas 2016.

This Christmas was amazing, I spent a lot of time with my family and loved catching up with everyone that I don’t get to see very often. I wanted to create this post to not only remember what lovely gifts I got, but to give a huge special thanks to everyone who took the time to think of me over the Christmas period.


These are a selection of the gorgeous things my Mum got for me! She got me a few tea lights in my favourite Yankee Candle scent, Snowflake Cookie. She also got me some Minion salt and pepper shakers as well as an amazing bowl for me to eat soup out of! She got both Joe and I the same one and I am very excited to get to using them. She got me a trusty tin of Vaseline, she gets me one every year so it was only right. She then got me a Tsum Tsum plush that contains a bag for life, cute and practical. She also got me some dairy free caramels that I had been asking for, for ages! Mum got me a wire Gingerbread Man filled with potpourri and a huge set of Real Technique’s brushes. I love this brand of make up tools so this was an amazing gift to receive. My Mum also got me a brand new dressing gown, it is grey and soft and to go with it she got me some furry slippers. I have barely changed out of both of these items since I got them.

My Mum also surprised me with tickets to see Wicked on Broadway when we went to New York. Wicked is one of my favourite musicals of all time so it was amazing to be able to see it when we were in New York.

Ian and Mandy:

Joe’s parents got us a whole range of copper cookware including the one pictured above. It is nice to have a complete set of the same pots and pans, plus they’re copper. I love them and I am so grateful that they managed to get them for us for Christmas! They also treated me to this gorgeous notebook. It has a cute little sausage dog on it and I love it!



My Dad very kindly gave Joe and I some money towards our wedding and as a little treat he also got me the Miss Saigon DVD. I wanted to see this when it came to the cinema so I was very happy to open this up on Christmas Day.


Joe got me this gorgeous lipstick from Too Faced in the shade Clueless. He bought me this as one of my favourite films is Clueless and it is such a me colour, pink and glittery. I love this colour so much and I actually wore it in my New Year’s Day make up look so you can see it on me over there. He also got me a copper wire to go with my iPad as well as a gorgeous velvet travel case for my make-up brushes. I tweeted a few weeks ago saying that I would like Niomi Smart’s cookbook for Christmas due to the amazing Mac and Cheese recipe inside. Joe was thoughtful enough to get it me for Christmas so expect some posts about that on my blog soon! Another thoughtful gift was the tea set Joe got me. Joe and I went to Wagamama’s a long time ago and got some green tea to finish off our meal. Traditionally, green tea is served in small cups with no handles and ever since we had that meal I have been looking for some cups just like it. I did buy some from TK Maxx although soon realised they were actually plant pots so my mini cacti sit in them now. Amazingly, Joe remembered and picked up this little set with a beautiful matching tea pot.

I love everything I received this Christmas and I especially loved the fact that I got to spend so much time with my family around the holidays. Christmas is a really special time of year and I love it!

I also received some lovely gifts that I haven’t managed to grab a picture of; Joe’s brother and his girlfriend got me a really nice DisneyxCath Kidston notebook and pen which I will definitely be using when University rolls around again. My brother and his family printed out a really lovely group shot from his wedding last year. I love this picture and I will definitely be getting it framed. My Grandparents got Joe and I a pair of rose bushes as well as soil, compost and the plant pots to be able to plant them ourselves. My younger brother and my Dad also got me a Baylis and Harding body wash, my brother made sure to check it was cruelty free too which was a nice touch. My cousin got me a Lush gift voucher which came in good use in the Boxing Day sales and another of my cousin’s got me a Candy Mountain bubble bar from Lush as well as a vegan cook book which I cannot wait to start using!

I again would like to thank all of my family for thinking of me over the Christmas period and choosing such thoughtful presents! I have had an amazing Christmas and New Year and I cannot wait to see what the next year will bring.

Charlotte x