Last night Joe and I rang in the New Year by getting an early night. I am not one for staying up late so it was absolutely perfect for me!

First of all I would like to point out the obvious, I have not been posting for around a month and there is only one reason for this, lack of organisation. This is definitely something that I want to work on as one of my resolutions. December is a busy month in general being a student although I also went to New York and started a new job so I just couldn’t manage to find the time to dedicate to my blog. I am going to make a whole post about my New Year Resolutions so keep an eye out for that and I will expand a little more on my lack of organisation in all aspects of my life.

This past year has been the best one I have ever had, I had a lot of wonderful experiences and I feel that I have changed for the better. In the grand scheme of things this year hasn’t been so great, Brexit and Donald Trump to name a couple of issues I would prefer to forget about, although in my personal life I don’t think it could have been much better.
To name a few great things, I finished my first year of University, I ran a 5km mud run, my little Linc turned 2, I went to New York and I have spent a lot of time seeing my family and rebuilding old friendships from High School.

I have also found myself struggling with anxiety over the past couple of years and this year I decided to finally go and see a counciller. I think I have started to take the first steps to working on these issues and in the latter part of this year I have felt the happiest I have in a long time.

I have a few posts coming up in the next few weeks about my trip to New York with my Mum as well as the steals I got in the Boxing Day sales.

I am also so proud of how my blog has come along the past year. My first anniversary came around in December and although I did not start properly blogging until June, I am so proud of my progress and I am beyond excited for what the next year will bring.

I hope all of you guys had an amazing Christmas and New Year and I hope you have an amazing 2017!

Charlotte x