Goals for 2018

I recently had a conversation with a colleague, in which they said that they do not understand why people make New Years Resolutions and January 1st is just another day. I do agree, to some extent, although I do not think there is any problem with people trying to better themselves. I am also one of those people that use the New Year a way to turn over a new leaf, and help to reflect and think about what I would like to achieve over the next year. DSC_0260I would like to use this post to outline some of my future goals, these are not exclusive to 2018, but this gives me a focus to stick to.

1) Eat better and move more:

I think this is pretty self-explanitory. I do have some weight loss goals, but in general I would like to eat better than I did in 2017. I have already got this aim on it’s way, and I have started eating much better over the past two weeks than I did last year. My goal of moving more has not been achieved just yet, I have started walking more than I usually do although eventually I would like to get into the gym.

2) Save money: 

I have not had much in the way of savings for a few years now. Joe and I are getting DSC_0261married, so we need to save some money towards the day. I would love to own a house one day soon too, so once we are married, that will be the next goal. Part of saving, includes paying off my car. I would love to have my car paid off by the end of the year, the monthly payments have become a burden so saving will become much easier once I don’t have to pay for that anymore.

3) Start charity work:

Previously, I have donated money to charities, although this year I would like to get more heavily involved. I have a passion for helping animals and to start with, I would like to go and help animal shelters to look after the animals in their care. We do not have any more room in our home for another pet so I would like to help the shelters in any other way that I can. I know that I wouldn’t be making much of a difference, although whilst I will be working full time, I would like to do what I can and hopefully it will lead to doing DSC_0264more for charities.

4) Stress less:

I have a bad habit of harbouring stress in my life, and I want to try and eliminate that where I can. I do have a lot going on in my life, I work nearly full-time as well as completing a full-time degree, and I do not do enough to help myself. My aim for this year is to be more pro-active in my studies and allow myself to start my assignments earlier to stop myself from becoming too stressed. I also get very stressed about small things and I am going to try and find some ways that help to calm me down. I am aware that this is likely to become an ongoing goal, and I will not be completely stress free straight away, but I will take to steps to start changing my mindset.

5) Celebrate myself more:

I have a lot of exciting things happening over the next year, and in general I am quite a boring person. I don’t mind being boring although I do want to make sure I am DSC_0274celebrating big milestones in my life. I don’t tend to do much for my birthday, Joe and I don’t tend to celebrate our anniversary or valentines so I want to be able to spend the next year looking at both mine and Joe’s achievements and have some fun around those dates.

Whilst I have a lot going on over the next year, it also means I have a lot to celebrate so I would like to have a fun year whilst also working hard. I am also excited to spend another year with Joe and my family and I look forward to what 2018 can bring!

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