A little update…

Last weekend I decided to embark on the task of blogging everyday for a week, I failed at that. I lasted for 5 days, so I did nearly a week, but then illness struck (of course). I am still feeling a little under the weather but I am on my way out of this bug and hopefully will be back on it with blogging too. I better be because I go to New York soon!

Speaking of New York, I am going with my Mum and we are going to be spending 5 days there and we are going to be taking lots of pictures and also vlogging! This is definitely the kind of experience I want to remember and my Mum feels the same so we definitely want to vlog it.

I really enjoyed blogging for the days that I did, and I loved the interaction I had with readers! It has really inspired me to get excited for December and Christmas posts and I have some super exciting things planned.

I just wanted to leave this little post here as an update due to my lack of posting for 5 days. I will start posting Monday, Wednesday and Friday and anywhere else in between if I have another post ready. I would also love to do a week in December where I post everyday and hopefully I won’t get ill again haha.

Hope you guys are all well and do not feel under the weather like I have done!

Charlotte x

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