Vegan Graze Box #1.

I have been getting Graze for a few months now and decided to make a blog post out of it! I am an incredibly fussy eater, so keeping note of what I like out of my Graze boxes seems important to me.


First of all I got a ‘Tomato Dipinetti.’ I am not a huge fan of tomatoes but I will definitely give it go! If not, I am 100% sure that Joe will like those.

Next is Energising Almond, Carrot and Apple. I know for a fact I will not like this one so I will try to pawn it off on Joe or pass it to someone else.

Next up is Basil and Garlic Pitted Beldi Olives. I actually tried these as soon as I got the box and they were okay. Maybe not my cup of tea, I would have preferred more garlic but they are a nice little snack for when I am peckish and in general, I do love olives.

Lastly we have a Cherry and Chocolate Protein Yoghurt Topper. I am not sure what I will use this one for as I do not have a lot of yoghurt but I will get some in and give this a go, I am sure.

I would also like to say thanks to my Mum for supplying my delicious Graze boxes!!

Charlotte x

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