Toxic Friendships

Time hop is a wonderful app but sometimes you see things that maybe you did not want to.

In the past I have not found it difficult to cut people out of my life. If I think that we have a toxic friendship or we simply do not get on, I will just block you on everything to save my own sanity. I had this sort of friendship with a girl in High School.

This girl and I were friends for a long time, maybe 4 or 5 years and we hung out a lot outside of school as well as in school but it was not a healthy relationship. Even though we were friends, we were not particularly nice to each other. I do not want to make this out to look like she was a super bitch and I wasn’t, because I did do some nasty things to her too. Not only that, but we were not particularly nice to the other people around us. Not necessarily our other friends, but we did like to play pranks on people which now looking back were quite mean.

A lot of things happened over that 5 years that eventually came to a head one day because she sub tweeted about me. As stupid as it sounds, it just was the nail in the coffin and I decided to just block her on everything because she was no longer contributing anything good to my life. In hindsight, I do think this friendship should have ended long before but we did have some good times when we went out and there was a lot of inside jokes etc so it felt a shame just to cut a huge chunk of my life away.

I think the real reason for me suddenly cutting her out was that I was growing up. I had just turned 17, I think, and throughout school I was not a very nice person but I wanted to change that. I do think I have done this successfully, more so since leaving college and meeting my boyfriend, but I still find it difficult. I have acted a certain way for nearly my whole life, and changing habits of a lifetime do take a while but I am getting there.

The point of mentioning Time hop at the beginning is that a couple of days ago an old post popped up with this friend in it and I felt a little sad. I do struggle not to think of the times when we were up all night laughing until our stomach’s hurt or all of the times we spent hanging at each other’s houses but then I also cast my mind to the times where we made each other feel like crap and I suddenly realise that maybe I am better off without her.

I just want to make a point that even though you can be the best of friends with someone, you need to take a step back and think about whether or not the friendship is hurting you more than it should do. I do not regret cutting this girl out because it made way for all of the other amazing friendships and relationships I have formed now, which may not have happened because I was relying on the comfortable that I had found over the 5 years previous.

This is such a difficult subject to articulate because I always have a million and one things running through my head when I think about this topic so hopefully the ramble isn’t too difficult to read!

I would love to know anyone else’s thoughts on this topic and if you have had any similar experiences to me.

Charlotte x

A little update…

Last weekend I decided to embark on the task of blogging everyday for a week, I failed at that. I lasted for 5 days, so I did nearly a week, but then illness struck (of course). I am still feeling a little under the weather but I am on my way out of this bug and hopefully will be back on it with blogging too. I better be because I go to New York soon!

Speaking of New York, I am going with my Mum and we are going to be spending 5 days there and we are going to be taking lots of pictures and also vlogging! This is definitely the kind of experience I want to remember and my Mum feels the same so we definitely want to vlog it.

I really enjoyed blogging for the days that I did, and I loved the interaction I had with readers! It has really inspired me to get excited for December and Christmas posts and I have some super exciting things planned.

I just wanted to leave this little post here as an update due to my lack of posting for 5 days. I will start posting Monday, Wednesday and Friday and anywhere else in between if I have another post ready. I would also love to do a week in December where I post everyday and hopefully I won’t get ill again haha.

Hope you guys are all well and do not feel under the weather like I have done!

Charlotte x

Too Faced isn’t cruelty free?

So I am not sure if this is very well known yet but Estée Lauder have recently bought out Too Faced.

Estée Lauder are a brand that sell in China and due to laws there, they have to test on animals to be a part of the Chinese market. Too Faced have also come out and said that they will never, even being owned by Estée Lauder, sell in China and they still feel very strongly against the testing of animals for cosmetics.

Can a company really be against animal testing if they will happily be bought by a company that does test on animals?

I also would like to point out that I am unsure where I stand in this whole situation. I personally do not buy from companies that sell in China, nor do I buy from companies who have a parent company that does (e.g. The Body Shop and Urban Decay), but it’s still a hard one for me to think about. I do think companies like Too Faced and Urban Decay should receive my custom because, as a brand, they do not test on animals although I would struggle not to think that my money was then going to the parent company too.

Someone I know, quite rightly, pointed out to me that I still shop in places like morrisons to get my vegan food from yet morrisons also sell meat and dairy so is that not a similar issue?

I would love to know anyone else’s thoughts on this matter.

Charlotte x

My go to Autumn Make-up.

Over the past few years I have been having some eczema issues on my face so I haven’t been able to wear make-up but recently I have combated this problem and I am excited to wear it again! I like to wear simple make-up for day to day and experiment more when I have somewhere to go or some spare time.

I start off with Garnier BB cream in Light for a light, dewy finish. I love BB creams because I have very dry skin so they don’t accentuate the dry patches at all. I also love the Garnier one because it has a good amount of coverage so it evens out my skin tone nicely.

I then powder the edges of my face as I do not get so dry there and I want to bronze up those areas, it makes blending a whole lot easier. I use the Maybelline Fit Me powder.

I bronze up and do a little bit of a cheek and nose contour with Benefit’s Hoola bronzer. I also use the Real Techniques Sculpting brush.

I then highlight the tops of my cheekbones and the bridge of my nose using Benefit’s Watts Up. This is such a gorgeous cream highlight that is quite subtle but you can still see it.

I then moved onto my eyes. I used a mixture of the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette, Urban Decay Naked 2 palette and the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. I started with Anaheim from Gwen Stefani in the crease, it’s my favourite crease colour at the minute. I then used Trick from the Naked 3 all over my lid and highlighted the inner corner and brow bone with Bootycall from the Naked 2. I then went back in with Anaheim to blend all of that together.

I finished off the eyes by curling my eyelashes and using the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara.

I then used the Sleek Matte Me Lipstick in Birthday Suit. I like to pair this with a gloss as it is sometimes a little dry on my lips.

To finish off the whole look, I used the Urban Decay Setting Spray in Chill. This is my all time favourite setting spray as it is great for hydrating my dry skin, I just love it!

I hope you enjoyed this look!

Charlotte x

Vegan Spaghetti and Meatballs.

This week I made a lovely vegan spaghetti and meatballs, Joe has even said it was the best meal I have ever made! It was quite simple and took barely any time at all.


– 1 400g tin of chopped tomatoes

– 1 onion

– 2 cloves of garlic

– Vegan meatballs (I used the Sainsbury’s own brand ones)

– Spaghetti


– Cook the meatballs in the oven, the packet I used took 15 minutes so I let them cook for 5 minutes before I started cooking the sauce. This is a good opportunity to cut your onion.

– Cook off the onions until they’re golden brown. Whilst doing this, start cooking the spaghetti.

– Add the garlic cloves and the tin of chopped tomatoes.

– Everything should finish cooking at the same time, so take the meatballs out of the oven and let them stand. Take the sauce off the heat and drain the spaghetti.

– You can then add the meatballs into the sauce mixture then top the spaghetti with it.

– Serve up and enjoy!


Charlotte x

Food Diary Friday.

Ideally, I would have published this post on Saturday but it was Linc’s birthday so I wanted to make a special post for him. Regardless, here it is and I hope you enjoy!

Joe and I started slimming world last August, I lost one stone and Joe lost three so we did well. We decided to leave 2 months ago due to struggling to fit it around us being vegan and various personal circumstances that were occurring at the time. We are now in a more stable position and vegan quark has been released so low syn creamy pasta dishes, our favourite, are now much easier to create.

We decided it was about time to go back and as a part of this I have decided to do Food Diary Friday’s. I do not have the opportunity to record my meals everyday, especially with my new job, as I am often on the go although once a week is good enough to keep me on track.

On Friday I started with 25g of Frosties (Hex B) and 90ml of rice milk (1/2 of Hex A). I also had a bottle of water to accompany it.


For lunch I had to have something quick as I had a lot of work to do. I had a packet of button mushrooms (speed), fried with frylight (free) and mixed in with cooked baked beans (free). I also had 100ml of chocolate oatly (1/2 of Hex A) to make up the rest of my Hex A limit for the day.


To finish the day, we made Katsu curry for dinner using Yutaka Japanese style sauce (5.5 syns) with rice (free), onions (speed) and Linda McCartney sausages (1 syn). We initially were not sure about the addition of sausages but they were surprisingly great! Would definitely recommend trying them.


I finished the day on 6.5 syns, generally I have a little more but I am glad I got at least the minimum of 5.

Charlotte x

Happy Birthday Linc!

I wanted to dedicate this post to my beautiful puppy, Lincoln. It’s his 2nd birthday today and he’s had a very special day. We started the day with cuddles and we’re finishing it with a lovely dinner. Here are a few pictures from this morning just to show off his excitement, and cuteness!