Plus Size Halloween Look Book

I am a plus size girl so I decided to put together this look book for any other plus size Halloween fashion lovers out there. Another thing is, I am a skint student! So unfortunately I do not have these clothes in real life so I will just be using images from the websites although in the future I would love to do a try on look book.


The first item is an oversized jumper that says ‘Mwahahaha’. This is from ASOS in the Curve range for £30 and can be found here. I love how cosy and slouchy this jumper is, it would be so nice to wear lounging around the house. I also love this because it isn’t too ‘Halloweeny’ so could be worn all year round if you wanted to.


This shirt is also from ASOS although it is from the standard range. It is £14 and can be found here. This is another piece that is versatile enough to be worn all year round. It seems appropriate to be worn at Halloween due to the forest and large moon although it is also casual enough that it can be worn at any time.


This body is from ASOS, costing £14 and can be found here. I think this body is so cute! I love the little bats and the fact it’s a body suit makes it great for layering, especially at this time of year.


This shirt is from BooHoo and costs £10. It can be found here. This shirt is quite popular this year, I am seeing this style pop up everywhere. It is a nice twist on the general ‘X-Ray’ skeleton shirt that comes out annually. I like this one too because it is really loose rather than super tight and makes it comfortable and cute.


This dress is from BooHoo, costs £12 and can be found here. This dress is another piece that can be worn all year round due to it’s design. I would personally wear this to a party with some black heels to dress it up or I would dress it down with some tights and boots to give it a more casual feel during the day.


These props are from Missguided and cost £10. They can be found here. So these are not actually a clothing item and may not have a place in a look book but I just think these are a great idea! They’re so fun and would go down a treat at a party. They will also liven up any pictures you take during the holidays.

I hope you enjoyed this look book and got some inspiration for your fashion throughout the Halloween period! I am hoping to change up the way I do look books in the future but first I may need a real job.

Charlotte x

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