Vogue’s Blogger Shaming

Unless you are not a part of the blogging/vlogging community in some way, you must have seen Vogue’s very strange attack on bloggers this afternoon. If you haven’t spread the article, here are some images to give you some context.

(Taken from @emshelx on Twitter)

I was so surprised to read this article and find such horrible words directed to what is now a large part of their own fashion community. It’s also interesting  to see the backlash coming from this article, as a lot of bloggers haven’t taken to these words too kindly, nor should they.

Whilst I am not an avid reader of Vogue, I am shocked that the article was allowed to be published, especially considering they try very hard themselves to expand their online presence.

I also find it very sad to see that an institution such as, Vogue, are not willing to move with the times and still appear to think they’re better than other people. Whilst they are an extremely popular magazine, they are just that, a magazine and it’s very careless of them to bash the new wave of fashion writers. Especially since everything is moving into the online world, they shouldn’t be so rude to the people who are very well established there already.

It’s unfortunate in this day and age that blogging is not seen as being as professional as magazine writing even though bloggers are basically running a one person show. Vogue should also keep in mind that these bloggers they are belittling are being invited to the same shows as they so maybe, just maybe, they should get off their high horse and embrace this new age of fashion and technology.

What do you think about this whole messy situation?

Charlotte X 

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