Lush Halloween 2016

Not only is Autumn my favourite time of the year anyway, it’s also the best time of the year for Lush goodies. This is the time of year when Lush release all their Halloween and Christmas exclusive items and I just can’t get enough!

Whilst I did not get everything in the Halloween range, I did get the majority of it and get excited because I am going to be picking up the Christmas range this weekend so expect a blog post on those soon.

First up is the Pumpkin Bath Bomb. This cute pumpkin includes ingredients such as Pimento Berry Oil and Vanilla Absolute.

This one is not only cute in it’s looks, it has the most gorgeous smell. It has a real zingy, orange sherbet smell. It’s so unique from all of Lush’s other bath bombs and I cannot wait to use this.IMGP0300.JPGThe next one is the Monster’s Ball Bath Bomb. Mine is looking a little worse for wear unfortunately but the smell is amazing. The ingredients in this guy include;  Lime Oil, Neroli Oil and Cocoa Butter. Due to the Lime Oil, this bath bomb smells very fresh and clean. Not only does this bath bomb smell good but due to the Cocoa Butter eye, it is super moisturising and great for dry skin.


Next is the Boo Bath Melt. This Melt is jam packed full of Cocoa Butter, Ginger Oil and Geranium Oil so it is extremely moisturising and smells amazing and spicy. This Bath Melt is not as strong in scent as the Bath Bombs but is so cute!imgp0309

A cult classic is next, the Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar. I have gone through many Sparkly Pumpkins. I love Halloween and glitter so this is a perfect mix for me, I also love a good bubble bath so I love this little guy. The main ingredients in this Bubble Bar are; Juniperberry Oil, Lime Oil and Grapefruit Oil. This is another product that smells fresh although this is very sweet and fruity, I love it.imgp0316

These are all the bits I got from Lush in the 2016 Autumn and Halloween collection. I am so excited to get using all of these bits and I will write a follow up blog post including images of how they look in the bath.

Hope you enjoyed!

Charlotte x

Vogue’s Blogger Shaming

Unless you are not a part of the blogging/vlogging community in some way, you must have seen Vogue’s very strange attack on bloggers this afternoon. If you haven’t spread the article, here are some images to give you some context.

(Taken from @emshelx on Twitter)

I was so surprised to read this article and find such horrible words directed to what is now a large part of their own fashion community. It’s also interesting  to see the backlash coming from this article, as a lot of bloggers haven’t taken to these words too kindly, nor should they.

Whilst I am not an avid reader of Vogue, I am shocked that the article was allowed to be published, especially considering they try very hard themselves to expand their online presence.

I also find it very sad to see that an institution such as, Vogue, are not willing to move with the times and still appear to think they’re better than other people. Whilst they are an extremely popular magazine, they are just that, a magazine and it’s very careless of them to bash the new wave of fashion writers. Especially since everything is moving into the online world, they shouldn’t be so rude to the people who are very well established there already.

It’s unfortunate in this day and age that blogging is not seen as being as professional as magazine writing even though bloggers are basically running a one person show. Vogue should also keep in mind that these bloggers they are belittling are being invited to the same shows as they so maybe, just maybe, they should get off their high horse and embrace this new age of fashion and technology.

What do you think about this whole messy situation?

Charlotte X 

A little restoration project.

Earlier this week, me and Joe were kindly given a cabinet. We have been saying for a couple of weeks that we would like to get an old piece of furniture and restore it and this was the perfect looking piece to do it with.

I love this cabinet so much but Joe is away for 2 weeks from Monday so we will start working on it when he is back. I am so excited!! Our house right now is filled with cheap and cheerful IKEA furniture, and whilst I love it, I would also love to have a house full of one off pieces we have created ourselves.

I am currently having a ball going through Pinterest and deciding what I think will look best.

I am so excited for our first restoration project and I am looking forward to documenting it on here and possibly doing some more in the future.

Charlotte x