Animal Care and family time.

Recently, I have been thinking more about what happens in the world and trying to make small difference where I can. The first step to that was going vegetarian in March 2015 and more recently Joe and I went vegan. We both love animals and I personally have come to realise that if we were to get another dog I would like to adopt from a kennel rather than buy from a breeder.

Over last weekend I spent some time with my family and I surprised my Mum with a trip to Animal Care in Lancaster. My Mum and Step-Dad are also looking to add another dog to their home so we decided to have a look and possibly make a decision.

We have visited Animal Care a few times and have always been met with a pleasant experience and this time was no different. I love spending time with the dogs and getting to know their different personalities and whilst we were there we decided to pay the cats a visit too. Not only are the animals great to visit, the staff are so lovely and welcoming and my mum had a delicious piece of cake from the tea rooms.

From there we met my older brother and his family as well as my younger brother and had lunch at Molly’s in Lancaster. Although an Italian is probably not the best place for a vegan to eat, I had the loveliest house salad.

To record and remember the fun we had over the weekend I have uploaded a vlog to accompany this post and if you’re looking at getting a dog, please think about adopting from a shelter rather than buying from a breeder.

Charlotte x

Animal Care:


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